Aloo Ki Tikki (V)  £4.97

Deep fried potato patties stuffed with paneer, sweet yoghurt & mint chutney


Red Onion Spinach Bhaji (V)  £4.25

House made sliced red onion & baby spinach, coated in spiced gram flour


Keema Samosa /Veg Samosa(V) £4.95

Coriander insused Lanb mince/ potato&green pea, wrapped in crispy flour pastry.


Tikhi Macchi   £5.95

Spiced Tilapia,freshly grounded spices,pan fried .





Paneer Broccoli (V)  £4.95

Marinated in yoghurt, mustard, cream with pepper tomato coulis


Chicken Tikka  £5.95

Morels of chicken breast, laced in spiced yoghurt


Lahsahuni  Tikka  £5.95

Chicken morels, creamy yogurt&yellow chilli powder with a predominance of garlic, hint of mace


Tandoori Chicken £5.95

Marinate chicken breast on the bone, perfectly cooked in clay oven

Rounak- E -Seekh  £5.55    

Minced lamb, caramelised onion & mixed peppers


Pudina Chaapein  £6.95 

Mint Smoked Tandoori lamb cutlet


Ajwani Jhinga  £9.95   

Jumbo king prawn with ginger, yoghurt, carrom seed


Salmon Tikka  £8.25   

Yellow chilli powder, lime juice, spiced yogurt, mango salsa



Veg Selection  £9.95

Aloo ki tikki, /red onion spinach bhaji/paneer tikka /salad

Meat Selection  £11.95

Lahsahuni tikka/  Rounak -E -seekh /Chicken tikka/ salad


Sea food Selection  £14.95

Salmon tikka, /Ajwaini jhinga /Tikhi Macchi /salad






Murgh Lababdar  £11.95

Creamy chicken curry, red chillies and cumin

Chicken Adraki  £10.95   

Chicken morsels flavoured, ginger freshly ground spices    

Murg Dhaniya Tamatar   £10.95 

Chicken,crushed coriander,garlic, tomato & onions


Methi Chicken    £10.95 

Slives of chicken , tomatoes ,onions ,garlic and fresh fenugreek


Kadhai Chicken     £10.95 

Tender pieces of chicken , onions , tomatoes , mixed bell peppers , coriander seeds and fresh garlic


Lamb Rogan Josh      £11.95   

Braised lamb ingravy flavoured with garlic, ginger , Kashmiri mirch and aromatic spices. 


Lamb Achari      £11.95

Diced boneless lamb cooked with panch phoran spices and dried chilli 


Lamb Saag   £11.95

Boneless Lamb in ground spices, garlic, ginger and spinach puree


Goan Fish Curry  £13.95  

Talapia supreme ,Coconut, tamarind, mustard seeds, sweet onion & tomatoes

Salmon Tikka Spring Onion Masala   £14.95

Salmo tikka, chopped tomatoes, spring onion, crusted black pepper and fresh herbs,    


Chingri malai curry     £14.95

King prawns simmered in mildly spiced coconut milk  


King Prawn Laziz    £14.95

King prawns slowly cooked in medium spiced sauce with a delicate flavour of curry leaves




Indian Classic—


Tikka Masala   £10.95

Chicken, lamb (£1 suppliment) and prawn (£3 suppliment)


Korma    £10.95

Chicken, lamb (£1 suppliment) and prawn (£3 suppliment)


Balti    £10.95

Chicken, (£1 supplement) lamb (£1 supplement) and prawn (£3 supplement)


Jalfrezi    £0.95

Chicken, lamb (£1 suppliment) and prawn (£3 suppliment)


Dum Biryani—


Nizami Tarkari Biryani(V) £10.95

Chooza Biryani(chicken)£12.95

Gosht Biryani(lamb)£13.95

Jheenga Biryani (king prawn) (15.95


Vegetarian (side/main) —



Palak Paneer /aloo     £4.95 / £7.95

Paneer/potatoes simmered in spiced spinach puree


Kadhai vegetables    £4.50 / £7.95

Tossed mix vegetables mixed peppers roasted coriander seeds,tomatos,onion,garlic and ginger.

Chana Masala       £3.95 / £6.95

Chickpeas tempered with house made tangy spice


Paneer Makhani     £4.95 / £7.95

Paneer cooked in a richly fragrant  sauce made with cream cashew nuts, tomatoes and spices


Bombay aloo      £4.50 / £7.95

Potatoes tossed with fresh ginger and garlic,mixed peppers ,curry leaves ,tomato and onions.

Aloo Ghobi   £4.50 / £7.95

Potato and cauliflower tossed in tomato and onion


Khadey Masala Ka Paneer  £5.50 / £8.50

Paneer tossed with mixed peppers, tomato, garlic & black pepper


Bhindi Do Pyaza             £4.95 / £7.95                                                            

Okra tossed with tomato and onions


Dal Makhani  £4.95 / £7.95

Slow simmered black lentil, tomato and cream


Dal Double Tadka  £.95 / £6.95

Yellow lentil double tempered with tomato, cumin & garlic









Sada Chawal  £2.50

Saffron Pulao  £2.95

Vegetable Rice  £3.95

Mushroom Rice  £3.95






Tandoori Baked and Butterly

Plain Naan          £2.95
Butter Naan        £3.00
Garlic Naan         £3.00
laccha Parantha   £3.00
Pudina Parantha  £3.00
Tandoori Roti      £2.00







Stuffed Naan

Aloo           £3.25

Cheese       £3.95

Keema        £3.95

Peshawari   £3.95






Cucumber Raita  £1.50

Whipped yoghurt & spices


Pappadoms  £2.00

Minted Green Apple, mango chutney, spicy onion


Pickles  £0.50